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charges from a 23-year-old who says bishop eddie long is a predator. that's the word he used. that is coming up in a moment. >>> we begin with the latest tropical weather brewing off of florida this morning. it's set to make a run up the east coast and could cause serious flooding. sam is tracking it for us at the weather board. >> good morning, george and robin. we'll talk a little about this storm. it is tropical depression 16. if you're looking for it to kind of perform like a big tropical storm, it's not. but it's going to drop a lot of heavy rain. take a look at floridians preparing for you had to sandbag yesterday. this storm was south of cuba yesterday and dropped as much as six inches of rain in some locations. so, everybody's getting ready for what will be a big flooding shog thctio moisture all the way from cuba up to the carolinas. and heavy rain from miami, ft. lauderdale, and west palm beach. that's expected today. here's what the hurricane center has on the storm. it's going ve l big powerfurast in northern new england. but it will get some kind o
of this hour to a discussion about the controversy swirling around bishop eddie long. among those joinings tonight ted hag art a man who faced his own sexual scandal while still a minister. there he is live. he'll join us in just a bit but first 60 seconds catch you up on today's top stories. >>> the torrential rains in the upper midwest are gone but the water left behind is causing big problems. thursday's downpours have told a week end of cresting creeks and rivers in parts of minnesota and wisconsin. no reports of deaths or injuries though but flooding is expected to last through the weekend. >>> the obama administration is asking a court to dismiss a lawsuit filed on behalf of the father of a fugitive militant onwar alalochi. the yemeni-american father's claims the government wants to assassinate his son. would require the closure of highly sensitive national security information. the u.s. officials believe helped recruit the nigerian suspect accused of trying to blow up the northwest airlines' flight as it landed in detroit on christmas day. >>> a federal judge is ordering the air for
church outside of atlanta where bishop eddie long in the pulpit of his atlanta-based mega church expected to speak during this service. it will be the first time he has spoken since four men filed lawsuits against him claiming they were sexually abused by the mega church masstor. from cnn, this is cnn "sunday morning," 8:00 a.m. in atlanta, 6:00 a.m. in fayetteville, arkansas. good morning, i'm in for t.j. holmes, my name is drew griffin. thank you for starting the day with us. >>> let's check our top stories now. the pentagon says it bought and did burn thousands of copies of an army officer's memoirs to protect national security. the pentagon says that book, "operation dark heart," contained sensitive details about u.s. operations in afghanistan. written by lieutenant colonel anthony schaefer who says the government is trying to suppress his story of black operations in afghanistan. >>> one person dead, four others hospitalized after a shooting here near seat animal -- seton hall university. jessica moore after a man tried to crash a party, failed, and returned are a gun. he opened fire
part of this hour to a discussion about the controversy swirling around bishop eddie long. among those joining us ted haggard a man who faced his own sex scandal while a minister but first we want to catch up on the top stories. they are drying out in the upper midwest but the water left behind from recent storms is causing big problems. torrential downpours have led to days of rising flood waters in parts of minnesota and wisconsin. no reports of deaths or injuries though. but the flooding is expected to last throughout the weekend. a federal judge is ordering the air force to reinstate an openly lesbian flight nurse. major margaret witt was discharged in 2007 under the military's don't ask don't tell policy but the judge ruled the discharge violated witt's constitutional rights. this past week the senate blocked a defense bill that would have repealed don't ask don't tell. a watch dog group for the separation of church and state is criticizing a concert staged today at fort bragg, carolina. the rock the for the event was put on by the billy graham evangelistic association which has s
'll devote the better part of this hour to the controversy swirling around bishop eddie long. ted haggard faced his own sex scandal. but we want to catch up on some of the top stories. >>> the water left behind in the midwest from recent storms is causing big problems. torrential downpours caused flooding. it's expected to last throughout the weekend. >>> a federal judge is ordering the air force to reinstate an openly lesbian flight nurse. major margaret witt was discharged in 2007 under the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. but the judge said it violated witt's constitutional rights. they blocked a bill that would have repealed the "don't ask, don't tell." >>> the separation of church and state watchdog group staged at fort bragg, north carolina. it was put on by the billy graham evangelistic association, which has staged similar events on other u.s. military bases. critics said the gathering blurred the line between the state, in this case, the military and religion. >>> the leader of one of the biggest churches in america is under siege right now because of a string of sexual
>>> good morning, sexual allegations mounting against eddie long. he prepares to address the scandal from the pulpit tomorrow morning. >>> the planned islamic center and mosque near ground zero, a source of contention even among the people who are behind it. we're going to tell you what's fueling the in-fighting now. >>> and paying tribute to the african medal award honor with words and with deeds. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> first we'll look at the top stories. keeping the case of the militant cleric out of the courts. on war a >> he captured or killed. he's suing them. the government wants the lawsuit dismissed saying it requires the u.s. to disclose highly classified information. >>> the fbi searching homes and offices in minneapolis and chicago, all part of what it calls the materiel support of terrorism. one activist says he and others were served s e ed subpoenas toy before the grand jury. no one arrested. >>> two astronauts and one cosmonaut back on earth. the soyuz spacecraft landed in kazakhstan this morning. the return delayed a day after an unduck
by urging the dismissal of a suit filed against the u.s. government. and bishop eddie long is facing another allegation of sexual misconduct. a fourth lawsuit has been filed against the pastor. and a federal judge has ruled against a military's don't ask, don't tell policy. we'll hear from an openly gay former air force nurse who was just reinstated years after her discharge. >>> up first, national security and the case of yemeni american clairic al awlaki. the obama administration is asking the judge to dismiss a case filed on behalf of the cleric's father. chris, what is this suit about and why is this administration trying to have it dismissed? >> what's going on is the fact that the u.s. government is claiming that they have a state secret privilege. in other words, they feel that to grant this injunction would expose a lot of the ways in which the military and intelligence officials are operating around the globe to fight terrorists. you've got two issues here. on one hand, the aclu is saying awlaki, even though he lives in yemen, is still a united states citizen and u.s. officials have
as one of the most important days in bishop eddie long's life and how he deals with the future. cnn is going to have coverage throughout the day. let's outline that for you. in the next hour, we're going to talk with bunny jackson-ransom. she wrote the book, "how to market your ministry." she'll talk about the public relations challenge long face ins dealing with this crisis and the missteps he'll have already made. and we'll have coverage of bishop long's church service live at 8:00 a.m. eastern, when he faces his congregation for the first time since this story broke. we're also going to have coverage of the news conference at 10:00 a.m., the first chance reporters will have to question him. and then he'll return for a second worship service and a chance to make additional comments. and next we're going to check in with bonnie schneider for a look at today's weather and the continuing flooding problems plaguing wisconsin. f tenderloin? f tenderloin? you inspired a very special dog food. [ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations. chef inspired. dog desired. thanks. i got
. bishop eddie long denies anything happened but his victims are painting a dirty picture of this man of god. >> why you can sit in front of church and tell them that you categorically deny it, you can't say that to our face and you know. this you are not a man. you are a mon stern. >> reporter: one of four men suing -- monster. >> reporter: one of four men suing eddie long talks about his abuse and shame. >> this man abused us from childhood. >> reporter: paris is 23 now and says the pastor gave him cash, clothes and trips to lure him during his teen years and in exchange told him to call him daddy. >> this man turned his back on us when he had no more need for us. that's not a father. that's a predator. >> reporter: on sunday bishop eddie long spoke out for the first time equating the lawsuit to a fight of biblical proportions. >> i feel like david against goliath. but i got five rocks and i haven't thrown one yet. >> reporter: there was no denial in his sunday sermon. the city of atlanta is reacting to the scandal. >> he was very convincing. you know, i find it hard to believe that
emerging from the latest lawsuit against mega church minister eddie long. this is the fourth lawsuit just this week. all young men who claim the bishop engaged them in a sexual relationship when they were teens. he is denying the allegations. >>> it is 8:00 a.m. here in atlanta, 5:00 in pine bluff, arkansas. good morning to you. i'm drew griffin in for t.j. this morning. thanks for starting your day with us. >>> let's check the top stories. a greater sense of security in the nation's largest subway system. 500 additional surveillance cameras online this morning and up and running in new york's underground. police say the goal is to better prevent crime and possible terror attacks on the subway system. a plane bound for pakistan made an emergency landing in stockholm, sweden, early this morning. police have now arrested one passenger. authorities say a tipster called to say the man was carrying explosives. police have yet to confirmed that story. all 260 people on board the plane have been evacuated. they are okay. >>> in south florida, no arrests yet after friday's bizarre bank robbery. t
next week. >>> bishop eddie long at the pulpit saying he's ready to fight. this days after lawsuits are filed against him alleging he coerced young men into sex. a discussion with our panel. and the pentagon destroys books, one author's work is rubbing the military the wrong way. he'll join us in the 4:00 eastern hour to talk about the pentagon's decision. and a student film on steroids now going viral on the web. we'll check out all of the top clips from this week coming up in the 5:00 eastern hour. with television cameras rolling and a jam packed congregation listening, megachurch leader eddie long took to the pulpit today for the first time in days to address allegations he sexually abused young men. four lawsuits filed against him last week claim that he coerced young men into sexual relationships during overnight trips and then lavished them with expensive gifts. here's how bishop long responded this morning. [ applause ] >> there have been allegations and attacks made on me. i have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man. but i am not the man that's being portrayed
new to drew griffin in atlanta as bishop eddie long is preparing to give his press conference. >>> candy, thanks. great show. this is developing coverage of eddie long's troubles at the new birth ministry baptist church in lithonia out of atlanta. bishop eddie long just about an hour ago spoke for the first time in a week since these allegations arose. there he is standing with his wife, meeting his congregation at the 8:00 a.m. service. it was just about 9:00 a.m. when the bishop emerged, of hugg-- w hugged and greeted by applause from a huge congregation. they listened to what in the beginning sounded like a sermon on the gospel and hard times. toward the end, bishop long spoke specifically about the charges he is facing, four young men accusing him of coercing hi them into a sexual encounter. here's what he had to say. >> there have been allegations and attacks made on me. i have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect m man. but i am not the man that's being portrayed on the television. [ cheering and applause ] >> that's not me. that is not me. i am not a perfect m
first. i'm kyra phillips s and you're live in the cnn newsroom. >>> bishop eddie long leads one of the largest churches in the country but today accused of betraying the trust of those that follow him. two men filed lawsuits claiming he coerced them into sexual relationships when they were teenagers. he is a national known minister and the claims are shocking in contrast to the public image. he crusade against homosexual y homosexuality. the success as a pastor is undeniable. two decades after taking over a small church, the followers number 25,000. spokesperson for eddie long denies the allegations but it's sending shock waves through the empire. ed lavandera is here with a closer look. shocked not only the empire but so many people of faith. >> well, no. the reach of eddie long for those of you that don't know much about him, you can't deny it. internationally renowned minister. sells books. author of ten books. he's got a spiritual empire he's developed so we're talking about a very influential person and to get you a sense, we have been hearing this morning from a spokesper
controversial bishop eddie long says he'll fight allegations of sex abuse but admits he is not a perfect man. i'm russ mitchell. also tonight, the next round in the tax cut fight. top democrats now say they'll put off a vote until after the election. mideast peace talks at a crossroads as israel's moratorium on west bank settlement construction expires tonight. and making whoopie, just how did this delicacy of cake layers and filling get its name? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: and good evening. the public pressure has been building for days as four young men filed lawsuits charging sexual abuse by georgia pastor eddie long. this morning bishop long faced his mega church, his congregation and addressed the charges, vowing to fight them even as he did not unequivocally deny them. mark strassmann was there. >> glory, glory, glory, glory, glory hallelujah. >> reporter: for these georgia faithful, sunday services hit close to their spiritual home, allegations of sinful sexual conduct against their own pastor, bisho
shop and street corner, everybody is talking about eddie long. every conversation either begins or ends with lord, what's happening down there in atlanta. no, this is above all across the black world. >> you know, again, we have to reiterate the bishop denies the allegations against him. we do expect him to speak at some point this morning and we'll have that for our viewers on msnbc this morning. this is described as similar to what happened to ted ha xwggard. did the haggard scandal, though, change the way the church community views or handles allegations like the ones made against bishop long? >> that's the question. look, number one, for white people, god bless white america, right? haggard did not have the same influence and prominence in the white community that eddie long in black atlanta had and black america. this is a major deal because the black church plays a greater examine more influential role in black america than the white evangelical community plays in white america. so this is having a much more dramatic impact on black people than was the case with ted haggard. >> re
relationships. eddy long stood at the pulpit defending himself at georgia's new birth missionary baptist church. >> as i said earlier, i am not a perfect man. but this thing i'm going to fight. and i want you to know one other thing. i feel like david against goliath. but i got five rocks and i haven't thrown one yet. >> that was the first time long spoke publicly about the accusations. martin savidge has been digging deeper into long's background. what did you make of yesterday's sermon? >> by his own admission, bishop eddy long said the past week has been the most difficult experience he's had to endure. in fact, most of his parishioners would say exactly the same thing which is why they were so anxious to hear what their pastor had to say. standing before an overflowing crowd of congregants in the mega church he built, bishop eddy long was in no mood to back down. >> there have been allegations and attacks made on me. i have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man. but i am not the man that's being portrayed on the television. that's not me. that is not me. >> it was long's first
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ministers in the country. bishop eddie long of the new birth missionary baptist church outside atlanta. three men are suing bishop long accusing him of enticing them with cars, clothes, expensive jewelry in exchange for sexual favors. these are just allegations at this point but what makes them so startling is bishop long is leader of a mega church with 25,000 members but a major opponent of same-sex marriage and homosexuality. here's some of what he's preached in the past about gays and lesbians. >> and the problem today and the reason why society is like it is is because men are being feminized and women are becoming masculine. >> and everybody knows it's dangerous to enter an exit. you cannot say i was born this way. i don't care what scientists say. you can be converted. you were not born that way. let me pray with you. let me tell you, don't you be conformed to this world but be transformed, i don't know what i am. take your clothes down and i'll show you who you are. >> that's video from the southern poverty law center. these are photographs provided by the lawyer involved in thi
a look at a podium at which the pastor eddie long, the embattled pastor of a megachurch there in atlanta, is expected to stand there shortly coming up. he's expected to be accompanied by his wife, his attorney, as well as attorneys for the ministry. and he will be talking about allegations of sexual abuse and coercion of four teenage young men into acts apparently, he's reported to have given them lavish jewelry, even cars, vacations, these all allegations by these four. he will address these allegations coming up shortly. but earlier he did hold the first of two morning church services at that megachurch which about 10,000 people attended. let's listen to part of what he said to the congregation. >> i have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect m man. but i am not the man that's being portrayed on the television. [ cheers and applause ] >> again, that is bishop eddie long, the pastor at the center of the sex scandal, speaking to the congregation in georgia just a short while ago. and again, four men have accused bishop long of coaxing them into sexual relationships when they wer
. >>> and the senate had questions about bishop eddie long and other mega church pastors back in 2007. but that whole investigation just kind of faded away. we're trying to find out why. >>> i'm kyra phillips and you are live in "the cnn newsroom." >>> americans had been tuning in to jon stewart and steven colbert for reliable come eddic relief from the news, right? it's hard to tell where the sarcasm and satire end and the serious begins. you see newsmakers going on "the daily show" to talk about very sere youz topics. last night king abdullah of jordan had a warning about middle east peace talks. >> the discussions that we had in washington started out better than any of us could have expected. both sides made a lot of ground. and if the issues of settlements on the table on the 30th, everybody walks away and how will we get people back to the table? i don't see that happening in the near future so if we fail on the 30th, expect another war by the end of the year. >> did you hear? the king of jordan talking about war by the end of the year on comedy central. you just can't help but notice that stew
scandal involving well known atlanta pastor eddie long. a fourth man has filed a lawsuit against bishop long, claiming the mega church leader coerced him into sex. long is expected to respond during a church service tomorrow. marty savidge is covering this story, we don't know exactly what the pastor's going to say, we just know that he'll be speaking publicly before his congregation. for the first time since these allegations came to the surface. >> we'll get to them in a minute. since the first lawsuit came out, there had always been a kind of speculation going on that there were going to be more lawsuits to come. we eventually saw two of them, we saw three yesterday afternoon, late in the day. we saw suit number four. this one comes from spencer la grand. he's a young man that was not actually a member of the congregation at the new birth church in atlanta, but instead in charlotte, north carolina where there's a satellite church for new birth. it was in 2005 he met bishop long. they met over the telephone, they started meeting in person, to the point where bishop long invited this y
of a growing sex scandal. four men are acution bishop eddie long of pressuring them into sexual relationships back when they were teens. the bishop long has denied those charges through his lawyer. today we are expecting to hear from the bishop himself. ron mott is in lithonia georgia, with more. >> somebody needs to celebrate that moment. >> reporter: he's used to having audiences hang on his every word. toorksd eddie long's congregation is likely to be wrapped with attention like never before. long was sued in civil court by four former male members of his new birth mega church in georgia and a satellite church in north carolina. >> the manipulation starts at 14 or 15. so that basically they're indock rinnated into this man and then he goes forward with that next phase. the law may not recognize it as child molestation, but i assure you that manipulation of someone like this and abusing the pastoral relationship that way, that is not consent. >> reporter: long avoided the public spotlight this week, instead issuing messages through a spokesperson and his attorney who read a statement on a n
to georgia where sex abuse allegations involving a prominent pastor, eddie long are rocking one of the biggest known african-american mega churches in the south. ron, tell us about this story. >> reporter: hey there, savannah. good morning. this town is all abuzz over these allegations. three lawsuits filed in this courthouse behind me containing lurid details, involving one of the best-known pastors in this country, eddie long who heads the 25,000-member new birth missionary baptist church on the east side of the atlanta metro area. a lot of his members who have spoken publicly are in disbelief over these allegations. they say they can't believe that any of this is true, especially considering one of the young men charging eddie long and the church with improper behavior was arrested over the summer in june for a burglary at the church. now, eddie long has not spoken publicly, but this morning, through his attorney issued this statement from craig gillen. >> let me be clear, the charges against me and new birth are false. i have devoted my life to helping others. and these fals
crusades against homosexuality accused of bullying young men into sex. a spokesperson for bishop eddie long calls the lawsuit a shakedown. >>> bureaucrats who ran the small town of bell, california, arraigned this hour. the prosecutor says they used the town as their personal piggy bank. >> new provisions of the health care law are kibing in. >>> good morning, i'm tony harris. those stories and your comments right here, right now in the cnn newsroom. >>> a mega church pastor facing a monumental legal battle. bishop eddie long, leader of a 25,000 member congregation here in atlanta denies allegations that he used his position to coerce two young men into sexual relationships when they were teenagers. >> angels were flying around my bed all night all day! >> reporter: bishop eddie long's fiery sermons have made her a revered evangelical pastor. >> eddie long offers himself up as this kind of man's man, the quintessential man. he's a successful businessman. he's a successful preacher. he has a beautiful family. he drives a fancy car. he wears customed tailored cloenls, and in some ways some wo
-known pastor is growing. a fourth lawsuit has been filed against bishop eddie long alleging he coerced young men into sex. long is expected to directly respond to the allegations or at least speak publicly tomorrow. cnn's martin savidge has the story and is joining us with the latest. is he likely to directly talk about this incident or is it that he's going to be in the public, going to carry on a sermon, pretend it didn't happen? >> that's the big question. that's what everybody wants to know. what is bishop long going to say tomorrow. clearly all eyes on the pulpit, looking at what the bishop of the new baptist missionary church will have to say. in advance of this public meeting he'll speak out about allegations made on him rumors flied on the internet. i want to read to you from his spokesman. the rumor that bishop eddie long is stepping down -- and there was that rumor on the internet -- is absolutely false. he will continue to be the senior pastor of new birth missionary baptist church. then yesterday bishop long held, we are told, a conference call with other members of the leadershi
. >>> we turn to developing news now. eddie long went before his -- the allegations of sexual misconduct. long -- such disturbing charges made by four young men who said their pastor coerced them into sexual situations. >> as i said earlier, i am not a perfect man, but this thing, i'm going to fight. and i want you to know one other thing. i feel like david against goliath. i've got five rocks and haven't thrown one yet. martin savidge was at this morning's service and he's filed this report. >> reporter: standing before an overflowing crowd in the megachurch he built, bishop eddie long was in no mood to back down. >> there have been allegations and attacks made on me. i have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man. but i am not the man that's being portrayed on the television. that's not me. that is not me. >> reporter: it was long's first public comments since four young men filed lawsuits against him, accusing him of using his position to coerce them into having sex. so many came to hear what long had to say, traffic was still snarled as the service began. what do you hope
will join us, and i'm going to ask some tough questions. >>> when eddie long preaches, ♪ [ male announcer ] every business day, bank of america lends billions of dollars, to individuals, institutions, schools, organizations and businesses. ♪ working to set opportunity in motion. bank of america. . >>> when bishop eddie long speaks, thousands packed into his mega church in atlanta listen. now long faces serious allegations of sexual miscond t misconduct. were filed yesterday in a lawsuit. long denies the allegations that two young men accuse him of coercing them into sexual acts. during his tenure long has call far national ban on same-sex marriage. long is the pastor of the sprawling new mission baptist church which boasts 25,000 members and he has a global tv ministry. when he took over at that time there were only about 150 members. cnn's ed lave andera joins us live. >> reporter: as you might imagine this story has sent shock waves not only through the church here just outside atlanta but across the world. as you mentioned, bishop eddie long has a spiritual empire that reaches aroun
over sex abuse accusations. >> lawyers for bishop eddie long have strongly denied that he traded sexual favors for cash, cars and other gifts. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: bishop eddie long is considered one of the most anti-gay pastors in the country, who once said that homosexuality is a spiritual abortion. if today's accusations are true, he might regret the day he led thousands through the streets of atlanta in protest of gays and same-sex marriage. >> woman and woman and man and man is not right. so, that's why i stand by the bishop. >> reporter: in the lawsuits, filed by three, young men he recruited into the youth ministry at his gigantic church outside atlanta, they describe him as a sexual predator who pushed them into sex, lavished them with expensive gifts, and sent them these photos, texts and e-mails when they were above the legal age of consent, but just 16 and 17 years old. they say he certainly doesn't look like a bishop here. >> what pastor in his right mind sends a picture of himself posing in a bathroom in a muscle shirt? none. none that i know of. >> rep
." >>> it was not the usual sunday sermon at one of the nation's largest churches. bishop eddie long took to the pulpit to defend himself against a sex scandal. he promised to fight the allegations. here's steve osunsami. >> reporter: outside the new birth missionary baptist church here -- >> he's an innocent man. give him the benefit of the doubt. >> reporter: -- when bishop eddie long finally appeared, he seemed more like a rock star than a pastor accused of pushing sex onto teenage boys. >> i've been accused. i'm under attack. i want you to know, as i said earlier, i am not a perfect man, but this thing i'm going to fight. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: under the advice of his lawyers, he said very little, even at the news conference after his first service where he took no questions. for some this was enough. >> i want the world to know i will support bishop eddie long till the day i die and go to heaven. >> reporter: currently there are four lawsuits, and there's the matter of these pictures. attorneys say long sent them to one of the teenage boys. there were mothers and fathers in church wh
fact or fiction? is it fair? >>> and another accuser speaking out saying bishop eddie long abused him. >> once the right time to expose everything it's going to happen, and i just pray, i just want people to know to keep praying. c s. t adwiwiout food al t >>> we've been examining some of the political ads running this campaign season. the other night you might remember we pointed out what was incorrect and misleading one by a florida democratic congressman, one by a republican congressman from north carolina. tonight a whole new kind of attack ad. this one is by charlie melancon, it's against david vitter and it actually includes a re-enactment of an alleged visit with a prostitute. tom foreman has been looking at it perhaps in a dark room somewhere and joins us now keeping them honest. >> reporter: when a candidate says his latest commercial will air only during age appropriate shows, you know you're in for something special, and charlie melancon does not disappoint with his attack on republican senator david vitter. maybe you forgot vitter was caught up in a prosti
the anti gay crusader bishop eddie long. >> sexual things started to happen at the ages of 17 and 18 years old the age of consent in georgia is 16 years old. this is not child molestation under georgia law but is absolutely pastoral church abuse. >> as a member of the church and as a person who accepted bishop eddie long is my spiritual leader i stay and say as a friend and extended family member i am loyal. >> if the complaints filed four young men are to be believed that loyalty may be misplaced. elizabeth prom reports on the growing scandal threatening the bar flung empire of the mega church pastor who railed against homosexuality. here is elizabeth. >> 6 days after he was slapped with four level lawsuits bishop eddie long spoke carefully to his congregation and the nation today. although he never claimed his innocence or acknowledged the four accusers long says he didn't being accurately portrayed in the media. >> ive never portrayed myself as a perfect man. but i am not a man that is being portrayed on the television. >> long vowed i would fight to the end continued to ask for support
filed against him. four men claim bishop eddie long coaxed them into sexual relationships when they were just teens. the men say the bishop lured them with jewelry, cash, vacations, even cars. bishop long has denied all of the allegations. >> i have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect m man. but i am not the man that's being portrayed on the television. >> for those of you who couldn't hear that, the first part of the pastor's statement said, "i have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man." and then he followed that up. anyway, i'm joined live right now from lithonia, georgia by nbc's than truong. good morning to you. i know you were inside that church this morning. talk about how the pastor was received today and anything else he had to say. >> well, ex, it was a packed house. more than 8,000 people in there. and bishop eddie long was received with a lot of applause and anticipation because keep in mind, this is a huge congregation here, with more than 25,000 members. many of them have been following long for more than 20 years. so when these allegations of sex ac
. i'm don lemon. thanks for joining us. we start with this developing story. bishop eddie long went before his congregation this morning to address for the first time allegations of sexual misconduct with young men in his congregation. never before has long faced such salacious and disturbing charges made by four men who said their pastor coerced them into sexual situations when they were teenagers. now after a lengthy wait, bish op long finally spoke the words many in his congregation were waiting to hear and cnn's martin savage was there. >> reporter: standing before an overflowing crowd of congress gants in the megachurch he built, bishop eddie long was in no mood to back down. >> there have been allegations and attacks made on me. i have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man but i am not the man that's being portrayed on the television. that's not me. that is not me. >> it was long's first public comments since four young men filed lawsuits accusing him of his spiritual position and the church's wealth to coerce them into sex. so many came to hear what long had to s
in the atlanta area is accused in a sex scandal. bishop eddie long is accused of coercing two men into sexual relationships. yesterday, 20-year-old maurice robinson and 20-year-old anthony flagg filed a civil lawsuit against bishop long, leading of atlanta's new birth missionary baptist church. their lawyer claims long would call the men on spiritual sons and call them how important it is to follow his leadership. >> and let him know that the acts that he was engaged in were not necessarily meaning that he was a homosexual or that either of them was. but rather the pastor, bishop long, was releasing his passion. >> both of the men are former members of the church. ron mott joins us now. these men are now 20 and 21. they were much younger when this happened. >> yes. this is the talk of atlanta today. the interest is so high because eddie long is one of the most popular figures in the evangelical movement here in the southeast. as you mentioned, his mega church has 25,000 members. they're a faithful group. a lot of them are expressive disbelief. the two men, robinson and flagg, full adults, 20
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of congregants in the mega church he built, bishop eddie long was in no mood to back down. >> there have been allegations and attacks made on me. i have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man, but i am not the man that's being portrayed on the television. [ applause ] >> that's not me. that is not me. >> it was long's first public comments since four young men filed lawsuits accusing him of using his spiritual position and the church's wealth to coerce them into sex. [ siren ] >> so many came to hear what long had to say, traffic was still snarled as service began. what do you hope to hear today? >> the truth. the truth. >> inside, parishoners waited an hour for their embattled pastor to appear. when he finally did, walking hand in hand with his wife, the crowd came to its feet. clearly feeling at home, long acknowledged those listening went far beyond his unusual sunday morning crowd. >> good morning, new birth. >> good morning. >> and good morning to all our other guests. >> reporter: when long eventually turned to the scandal itself, the levity was gone. >> i've been accused. i
, this morning, there's new sex abuse allegations against megachurch pastor eddie long. the third man is now suing bishop long claiming he was also coerced into sex with pastor long when he was a teenager. the bishop is supposed to discuss it today but he's now canceled a morning radio show and afternoon news conference. >>> three more victims have been identified from that deadly gas explosion at san bruno, california, the death toll now stands at seven. the victims were all from the same family. >> 5 million cans of sim ma lack powdered infant formula are now recalled. they found beatles, bugs, in a michigan plant that facility is being shut down. the recall involves similac 12.5 ounce cans. >>> and the chopper in jamaica bay was 30 yards from its landing field in brooklyn when it went down. none of the six people on board were hurt. >> very lucky. it's a harvest moon, on the first day of fall. it is the first time in almost 20 years that the stars have aligned for an event like this. it's just gorgeous. i saw it yesterday coming in. spectacular view of jupiter out there as well. and rob m
coerced young men to sex. we're hearing from eddie long's accusers in their own words. ed lavendf e laf enlavendera ha >>> one of the accusers is now speaking out, calling bishop a monster. >>> jamal parish had finished a late-night grocery store run when a reporter from an atlanta television station, waga asked him about the shocking alsos of sexual misconduct against eddie long. >> the media and the press and the rest of the people in the city and the country look at this how can a grown man let another man touch them. this man manipulated us from childhood. this is our father and we loved him. >> it's the first time we've heard from any of the young men suing eddie long. the men say the pastor convinced him over the years with the sexual relationship with the man they called daddy is part of their spiritual development. >> i can not get the sound of my voice out of my head and i cannot forget the smell of his cologne and i cannot forget the way he made me cry not able to take enough showers to wipe the smell of him off of my body. >> eddie long still enjoys great support for many in
words for bishop eddie long. >>> a massive landslide in mexico, homes buried, people missing. we'll check more headlines when fox 5 morning news comes back. ♪ [ female announcer ] it starts with you falling in love with the most personalized most customized piece of furniture you will ever own. ♪ get that one piece right and the rest of the room will just fall into place. it starts with you introducing yourself to the world of ethan allen. see your ethan allen design center today for two beautiful ways to save. >>> american missile strikes in pakistan disrupt toror threats in europe. they killed four militants including an al-qaeda leader. apparently, it prevented a tearer attack that had been in effect in europe. there was another threat at the eiffel tower. >>> at least 11 people are missing in two landslides in southern mexico. that was the result of days of heavy rain which caused a hillside to collapse on hundreds of unsuspecting residents. at first, officials thought that hundreds of people were buried or dead but that number decreased significantly throughout the inves
with an exclusive on sex abuse chargers against bishop eddie long. that story next. helps restore collagen depleted skin to undo the look of a year's worth of skin aging in just 4 weeks. clinical skincare. neutrogena®. new aveeno positively radiant tinted moisturizers, with scientifically proven soy complex and natural minerals give you sheer coverage instantly, then go on, to even skin tone in four weeks. new aveeno tinted moisturizers. ♪ >>> welcome back to the most news in the morning. we're following developments in a cnn story we broke yesterday. a spiritual leader of a prominent atlanta church now facing sex abuse charges. >> two separate lawsuits allege that bishop eddie long, a pastor with a 33,000 member church used his position to coerce two men into sexual relationships when they were teenagers. our ed lavandera broke this story. he's live in atlanta this morning with the cnn exclusive. ed, for those who don't know him, bishop long is a very big name in the evangelical church, particularly there in georgia. >> well, absolutely. he leads a huge megachurch. he's really created a multimi
in the u.s. bishop eddie long leads a congregation of 25,000 people outside of atlanta, but now four young men have filed separate lawsuits accusing him of c coercing them into having sex. martin savidge is here with a look at this growing scandal, growing story. >> it is, indeed. it challenges a huge religious empire here in the southeast. this lawsuit was filed yesterday, late yesterday afternoon on behalf of 22-year-old spencer la grand. what's different is he did not attend the newburgh church here in atlanta but a conference in charlotte, nchlorth carolina. in 2005 they met. they struck up a relationship over the telephone but over the next several months the bishop invited him to go to africa with them. that's when the relationship began. it lasted several years. like the others there is this ongoing practice where they allege that the young men are given all sorts of gifts, they they're given trips and meet celebrity celebrities. on and on and on. we have talked about why has he not come out and been more v vehement. his lawyers have come out. we went back and want you to hear the f
misconduct lawsuits against bishop eddie long, accusing him of using bible verses and church money to sexually seduce them and sending pictures of himself in, well, this, to them. the pictures, i should say the bishop's lawyer claims all this is just false and on sunday, the bishop himself told the congregation, and i quote, i am not the man being portrayed on television. >>> waga's atlanta's dale russell caught up with one of his accusers, flew all the way out to colorado to get an interview in atlanta tonight and is here tonight. >> good to see you. >> shepard: what happened? >> really amazing. what happened is when bishop long had that sermon on sunday, we knew we talked to a lot of people involved in this story that the young men involved in this were not going to be happy with what he came out and said during this sermon. we got on a plane and flew out to colorado where jamal paris lives and we had a chance to talk to him in a parking lot late at night in colorado spring, colorado, about exactly what he is alleged in his lawsuit and this is the first time any of these young me
. a third person has come forward accusing eddie long of sexual coercion. but instead his lawyer spoke. here's some of what he had to say. >> these false allegations are an attack on bishop long personally. they are an attack on new birth, the entire church and all of its 25,000 good people. >> nbc ron mott has been following this story and he joins us now from decatur, georgia. ron, good morning. >> hey, thomas. good day to you. eddie long is one of the most popular ministers in this country he built a religious empire in the atlanta area and some say these are simple attempts to bring all of that down. >> somebody needs to celebrate that moment. somebody needs to bless god for that. >> reporter: he's hosted presidents like here at the funeral of coretta scott king. >> we thank the king family and we're in much prayer for you. >> reporter: he preaches to tens of thousands at his mega church outside atlanta. he counseled president clinton during the lewinsky scandal and an outspoken opponent of homosexuality. but today eddie long, who calls himself bishop, stands alone in the hot spotlight,
have to come up with money to pay those who paid too much in taxes. >>> eddy long is the pastor of a missionary baptist church. he's accused of coercing young members of his congregation into sexual relationships. he's an out spoken opponent of gay people. >>> and people. -- gaymarriage. >>>> under japanese law, paris hilton was not allowed in because of a felony of drug possession. >>> stay tuned, bernadette woods will be back in the first warning weather forecast. >>> first, here's today's midday stocks followed by last night's megamillions numbers. ,, tax on everything you buy? ,, that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. if they have their way, we're facing a mountain of debt and a massive tax
church has broken his signs lens speaking for the first time. in a fiery speech eddie long vowed to fight the allegations and lawsuits. they claim he gave them gifts and took them on trips in an attempt to seduce them. federal authorities say they won't investigate the allegations bus all four men were 17 or 18 when the relationships began. the state of georgia's age of consensual sex is 16. >>> today nbc news is proud to kick off education nation here at 30 rock. it's a special week of programming designed to show american students and schools. a new poll finds well over half of americans believe public schools need major changes or a complete overhaul. good morning to you, michelle. >> reporter: good morning to you, veronica. certainly this series is aimeded at o a two-day summit. it is the start of a national conversation that many say is long overdue. at a town hall kicking off education nation -- >> and good afternoon and welcome to our teacher town hall. >> reporter: teachers from around the country inspired ways to teach around the classroom. >> all students can learn as long as te
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